Gambling Research Glasgow is a collective of researchers based at the University of Glasgow who share a common interest in the social impacts of gambling, particularly its effects on vulnerable groups, and on the cultural and political context of the expansion of commercial gambling.


Our research is interdisciplinary, policy-relevant, and theoretically informed. Our projects have been funded by a range of organisations.


Our work has been published widely by a range of peer-reviewed journals and publishers.


All our work aims to engage policy makers in discussions about the best approaches to regulating gambling.


Our work regularly features across media platforms, including BBC, Sky, and The Guardian.

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Most recent outputs

Targeting the next generation of gamblers? Gambling sponsorship of esports teams

Esports fans are a target audience for gambling companies wanting to attract the next generation of bettors to their products. As with other sports, professional esports teams have commercial sponsorship arrangements. Our paper seeks to document the level of gambling sponsorship of the world’s top esports teams.

Changes in severity of problem gambling and subsequent suicide attempts: a longitudinal survey of young adults in Great Britain, 2018–20

Cross-sectional studies identify problem gambling as a risk factor for suicidality. Using an online longitudinal survey, we aimed to examine the association between changes in severity of gambling behaviour and attempted suicide.

Regulation of gambling in Sub-Saharan Africa: findings from a comparative policy analysis

Commercial gambling markets have undergone unprecedented expansion and diversification in territories across Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA). This gambling boom has popularised the uptake of gambling products in existing circuits of popular culture, sport and leisure and raised concerns about the extent to which state legislation is equipped to regulate the differentiated impacts of gambling on public health.

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Our team of experts has been invited to share our insights on different platforms, including TV, radio, podcasts, and online publications.

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