Our work regularly features across media platforms, including BBC, Sky, and The Guardian.

1 August 2023

GRG to lead gambling work in new NIHR Addictions Policy Research Unit

GRG colleagues are part of a new £5.5m, NIHR-funded, Addictions Policy Research Unit. The unit is a collaboration between the University of Sheffield, King’s College London and the University of Glasgow.

18 July 2023

GRG’s Heather Wardle appears in front of CMS Select Committee

As the Culture, Media and Sport Committee continues to examine the recent White Paper on gambling, our co-director Heather Wardle appears in from the select committee to offer evidence on gambling harms.

27 June 2023

GRG co-directors lead contributions on gambling at WHO’s 4th meeting on Alcohol, Drugs and Addictive Behaviours

Heather Wardle and Gerda Reith are addressing the World Health Organisation’s Fourth meeting of the Alcohol, Drugs and Addictive Behaviours Forum in Geneva. Wardle is setting out the work of the Lancet Public Health Commission on Gambling and Reith is presenting on the Commercial Determinants of Gambling Harm.

29 May 2023

The Guardian cover GRG work on gambling harms in Malawi and wider region

An article in the Guardian has covered work done by GRG partners MEIRU, documenting gambling harms in Malawi and the regulation of gambling across African countries. It focuses on a case study of a tragic death of a minor and on our research on policy environments across the continent, both supported by GRG’s Dr Chris Bunn.

12 May 2023

Dr Robin Ireland on BBC Radio Ulster Talkback

Dr Robin Ireland, discusses better preventative measures for those at risk of a gambling addiction on BBC Radio Ulster during their Talkback segment.

19 April 2023

Dr Blair Biggar on BBC Radio 4 show ‘You and Yours’

Dr Blair Biggar, Research Associate and teacher at the University of Glasgow, was featured on @BBCradio4 You and Yours talking about gambling and esports.

19 April 2023

MEIRU researcher speaks to Al Jazeera

Drawing on our British Academy-funded project addressing youth gambling in Malawi and Ghana, Junious Sichali featured on Al Jazeera’s The Stream show, as part of a panel discussing the continuing growth of sports betting across the continent of Africa.

7 April 2023

Gambling harm in African countries

A recent article in Malawi’s Nyasa Times reflects on the rise of commercial gambling across the continent of Africa and draws on work led by our colleagues at MEIRU, overseen by GRG’s Chris Bunn.

9 March 2023

Dr Heather Wardle on ITN Tonight

Heather Wardle appeared on the ITN Tonight programme to discuss the impact of gambling and how tougher government restrictions should be put in place.

1 March 2023

In conversation with… Dr Heather Wardle

Dr Heather Wardle speaks on The Lancet Public Health podcast to discuss the association between gambling and suicide attempts and the implications for prevention activities and policies.

16 August 2022

Dr Heather Wardle on BBC Newsnight discussing the Government’s Gambling White Paper

The government’s gambling white paper is imminent – and promises more protection to the vulnerable. But will it really do that if it means denting billions in tax revenues?

16 August 2022

Dr Heather Wardle on “a bet free life” podcast.

In episode 23 of The Bet Free Life…Dr. Nathan Smith Executive Director of the Kindbridge Research Institute RETURNS along with Dr Heather Wardle of the University of Glasgow to walk us through Dr Wardle’s study we previously went through in episode 20. We also talked about our experiences at the National Council on Problem Gambling’s annual conference.

16 August 2022

Sports Betting, Problem Gambling, And Suicide: Are Operators Doing Enough?

Sports Betting, Problem Gambling, And Suicide: Are Operators Doing Enough? Jeff Edelstein. USBets.

16 August 2022

Bookies boosted the number of ads by as much as 50 per cent during winter lockdowns, putting vulnerable gamblers at risk, research finds

Bookies boosted the number of ads by as much as 50 per cent during winter lockdowns, putting vulnerable gamblers at risk, research finds. Tom Witherow. Daily Mail.

7 October 2021

Dr Heather Wardle speaking to Times Radio about Public Health England’s report on gambling harms

Dr Heather Wardle was invited to discuss the recent Public Health England report on gambling harms. Heather is on at 1:09.

4 October 2021

Dr Heather Wardle on the relationship between area deprivation and gambling harms

The Social Market Foundation hosted a panel event at the Conservative Party Conference on October 4th, 2021. Dr Heather Wardle from the University of Glasgow, and member of Gambling Research Glasgow was invited to discuss the evidence relating to the relationship between area deprivation and gambling harms.

4 October 2021

Britain need not be a nation of gamblers. We have to rein in this industry

Massive profits are extracted from society’s most vulnerable. But the review of the gambling act will reinforce the status quo. Dr Heather Wardle. The Guardian.

5 September 2021

New initiative to teach Scottish pupils of the dangers of gambling

Dr Heather Wardle gave a statement on gambling harms and efforts to tackle it as a public health issue. Judith Duffy. The National.

14 June 2021

Football’s promotion of unhealthy consumption

Euro 2020: Football’s promotion of unhealthy consumption must end. Robin Ireland and Christopher Bunn. The Conversation

10 June 2021

University of Glasgow Spotlight

Heather Wardle looks ahead to the review of the UK Gambling Act and how to survive as a researcher in an area with powerful interest groups on the University of Glasgow’s Spotlight podcast with Graeme Roy.

2 May 2021

Gambling: A Sure Bet?

Heather Wardle investigates who wins, and who loses in the expanding world of online gambling. This 3-part series for the BBC World Service included case studies in Albania, Kenya, and the USA.

28 April 2021

Gambling: a sure bet?

Gambling: a sure bet? The global challenges facing young people. Heather Wardle. The Conversation

8 March 2021

Has COVID-19 caused a gambling pandemic?

Heather Wardle on Sky News Daily discussing the impact of COVID-19 on gambling habits in the UK.

24 June 2020

Problem gambling funding

UK betting firms’ move to redirect problem gambling funds raises concerns. Rob Davies. The Guardian

8 June 2020

Gambling and Video Games

Heather Wardle joined the Hype podcast to discuss the questions: What are loot boxes? Should loot boxes be considered gambling? What can you do if you or someone you know experience problem gambling? What are the signs and effects of gambling addiction?

19 July 2019

Problem gamblers and suicide

Problem gamblers much more likely to attempt suicide – study. Rob Davies. The Guardian.

15 July 2019

Current Advances in Gambling Research Conference

Gerda Reith summarises her contribution to the Society for the Study of Addiction conference in 2019, arguing for approaches to gambling that go beyond framing it as an individual responsibility.

20 June 2019

Problem gambling fund increase

UK gambling firms’ offer to boost levy branded a bribe to ward off tougher regulation. Rob Davies. The Guardian.

13 June 2019

New gambling tax

New gambling tax is moving up the agenda – here’s how it needs to work. Gerda Reith, Erika Langham, and Heather Wardle. The Conversation.

9 May 2019

Mandatory tax on gambling industry

Calls for mandatory tax on gambling industry to treat addiction in UK. Rob Davies. The Guardian.