Our work regularly features across media platforms, including BBC, Sky and The Guardian.

19 April 2023

MEIRU researcher speaks to Al Jazeera

Drawing on our British Academy-funded project addressing youth gambling in Malawi and Ghana, Junious Sichali featured on Al Jazeera’s The Stream show, as part of a panel discussing the continuing growth of sports betting across the continent of Africa.

9 March 2023

Dr Heather Wardle on ITN Tonight

Heather Wardle appeared on the ITN Tonight programme to discuss the impact of gambling and how tougher government restrictions should be put in place.

16 August 2022

Dr Heather Wardle on BBC Newsnight discussing the Government’s Gambling White Paper

The government’s gambling white paper is imminent – and promises more protection to the vulnerable. But will it really do that if it means denting billions in tax revenues?

16 August 2022

Dr Heather Wardle on “a bet free life” podcast.

In episode 23 of The Bet Free Life…Dr. Nathan Smith Executive Director of the Kindbridge Research Institute RETURNS along with Dr Heather Wardle of the University of Glasgow to walk us through Dr Wardle’s study we previously went through in episode 20. We also talked about our experiences at the National Council on Problem Gambling’s annual conference.

4 October 2021

Dr Heather Wardle on the relationship between area deprivation and gambling harms

The Social Market Foundation hosted a panel event at the Conservative Party Conference on October 4th, 2021. Dr Heather Wardle from the University of Glasgow, and member of Gambling Research Glasgow was invited to discuss the evidence relating to the relationship between area deprivation and gambling harms.

15 July 2019

Current Advances in Gambling Research Conference

Gerda Reith summarises her contribution to the Society for the Study of Addiction conference in 2019, arguing for approaches to gambling that go beyond framing it as an individual responsibility.

5 December 2018

Gambling is a public health issue

Heather Wardle explains the importance of treating gambling as health issue for the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.