Our team has a long and wide-ranging publication history. Key themes in our recent work include Gambling Careers; Gambling During COVID-19; Gambling Harms and Regulation; Global Sports and Gambling; Technology and Intersection of Gaming and Gambling.

A full list of publications can be found here.

Games without Frontiers?

by Heather Wardle

This open access book focuses on how and why digital games and gambling are increasingly intertwined and asks “does this matter?” Looking at how “loot boxes” became the poster child for the convergence of gambling and gaming, Wardle traces how we got here.

Addictive Consumption

By Gerda Reith

Exploring key theoretical concepts in the sociology of consumption. Drawing on the ideas of Foucault, Marx and Bataille, amongst others, she investigates the ways that understandings of ‘the problems of consumption’ change over time.

The Age of Chance

By Gerda Reith

This fascinating and extensive study, enlivened by interviews with British and American gamblers, will be enthralling reading not just for those interested in the cultural and social implications of gambling.