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Gambling Careers

A landmark concept developed by two of our members, Reith and Dobbie, conceptualise ‘gambling careers’ as changeable and variable over time, moving away from the characterisation of problem gambling as stable and fixed in nature.

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Gambling During COVID-19

Our research team are collaborating on a major ESRC-funded study of gambling during the COVID-19 pandemic [link to project page]. Papers from this study have so far described the research and reported on the impact of COVID-19 on regular sports bettors.

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Gambling Harms and Regulation

Core to our work is the exploration of how gambling can lead to a range of harms for those that gamble, their friends and family, communities and societies.

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Global Sports and Gambling

Commercialised sports and gambling are inextricably linked and woven into the fabric of globalisation. Our researchers explore these connections and how the corporate strategies of gambling sponsors unfold globally, making contributions to what is sometimes referred to as the ‘commercial determinants of health’.

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Technology and Intersection of Gaming and Gambling

The increasing sophistication and penetration of technology driven forms of gambling are of great interest to our researchers. One area of particular interest is how the boundaries between gambling and gambling have increasingly been blurred by new offerings from gambling firms (e.g. esports) and new in-game purchasing trends (e.g. loot boxes).

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