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4 October 2021

Britain need not be a nation of gamblers. We have to rein in this industry

Massive profits are extracted from society’s most vulnerable. But the review of the gambling act will reinforce the status quo. Dr Heather Wardle. The Guardian.

5 September 2021

New initiative to teach Scottish pupils of the dangers of gambling

Dr Heather Wardle gave a statement on gambling harms and efforts to tackle it as a public health issue. Judith Duffy. The National.

14 June 2021

Football’s promotion of unhealthy consumption

Euro 2020: Football’s promotion of unhealthy consumption must end. Robin Ireland and Christopher Bunn. The Conversation

28 April 2021

Gambling: a sure bet?

Gambling: a sure bet? The global challenges facing young people. Heather Wardle. The Conversation

24 June 2020

Problem gambling funding

UK betting firms’ move to redirect problem gambling funds raises concerns. Rob Davies. The Guardian

19 July 2019

Problem gamblers and suicide

Problem gamblers much more likely to attempt suicide – study. Rob Davies. The Guardian.

20 June 2019

Problem gambling fund increase

UK gambling firms’ offer to boost levy branded a bribe to ward off tougher regulation. Rob Davies. The Guardian.

13 June 2019

New gambling tax

New gambling tax is moving up the agenda – here’s how it needs to work. Gerda Reith, Erika Langham, and Heather Wardle. The Conversation.

9 May 2019

Mandatory tax on gambling industry

Calls for mandatory tax on gambling industry to treat addiction in UK. Rob Davies. The Guardian.

15 July 2018

Betting advertising and the World Cup

Children ‘bombarded’ with betting adverts during World Cup. Pamela Duncan, Rob Davies, and Mark Sweney. The Guardian.

19 January 2018

Betting company sponsorship

Back in 2018, our team published work on the intensifying relationship between football and gambling marketing. Martin Williams. The Herald.

27 April 2017

UK gambling problem

Experts warn of £112.6bn scale of UK gambling problem. Paul MacInnes. The Guardian.

3 December 2014

Professional sportsmen and gambling

Survey finds high number of footballers and cricketers are ‘problem gamblers’. David Conn. The Guardian.

28 October 2014

Massachusetts casino resorts

Will gambling be good for the people of Massachusetts? The evidence suggests not. Gerda Reith. The Conversation

2 June 2014

Bookmakers police their own advertising

Is it a good bet to allow bookmakers to police their own advertising? Gerda Reith. The Conversation